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Welcome to Nanche Developers

We follow a 3-step process to advice real estate development:

Advice from the expert: After spending much of our time with property developers in the last few years, we understand exactly what the current trend in the market is.

Listening to the client: We listen carefully to our client’s circumstance to understand our client’s needs. We carefully listen to what our clients are looking for and what their priorities are.

Negotiating: Negotiating is the key for achieving a successful result for our clients. Land prices increasing rapidly, we understand that our customer must get the best development deal.

Our Projects

Your new ad affordable home can be in your dream location in Melbourne. We will help you create a perfect match. By choosing the best available land from us and matching it with your dream house, you can embark on your dream journey. For more affordable and house and land packages, please check out our listings below:

Why Nanche Developers All you Need to Know about NANCHE Developers

We at Nanche Developers offer you with exceptional customer service and best practices in the industry. We can take off a lot of burden which will help you in focussing what matters the most to you.

We have established a certain faith with our clients and we are experts at what we do. We are incredibly flexible when it comes to compliant their requirements. Our agents have expertise and they are committed.

List of 6 Qualities of our Nanche Developers Team:

  1. They have a capability to comprehend your actual needs.
  2. Have a clear interest for the client.
  3. Great standing among our customers
  4. Comprehensive knowledge of the area in which sales are happening.
  5. Deep knowledge of the cost of the area
  6. Committed to having a frank and a genuine dialogue of the market and customer’s situation.

Property Development

Develop your Property - Nanche Developers

There are many social media sources, articles, blogs etc for learning about property development. But, what can be the best way to learn other than speaking to highly successful development consultants.

We aim to educate you about the current trends and also make you aware of some things which you might not be aware.

Develop to Sell

Develop to SELL with NANCHE Developers

We help you get the development approval which would be the first step in appreciating the value of your land. We can help you find those lucrative properties as that is one of the major challenge for the developer. We can help you to generate enquiries from our prospects from the developer and the investor market.

About Us

It is somewhat ironic, but certainly sad, that the main thing that many developers and builders throughout our beautiful state have built is a bad reputation for themselves and the industry.

Whether it is by not meeting deadlines or delivering sub-standard projects, ours is an industry affected by the poor behaviors of many individuals.

It is in this context that Nanche Developers prides itself of being DIFFERENT. We do not hide this – we wear it as a badge of honour.

We are indeed different – and that is in the sense that we refuse to ever be bundled up together with those who dishonour our profession.

Founded by enterpreneur, Mr Sachin Nanche, Nanche Developers acts in Victoria’s buoyant property development market by creating small and large residential homes that, not only meet, but rather exceed the expectations of its sophisticated and discerning clientele while simultaneously matching their budgets.

Along our history, we have delivered several successful projects and our client’s testimonials are evidence of our commitment to three key factors:


This commitment is something we pride ourselves and is part of our culture. By delivering unique projects we reinforce this and invest in better construction technologies and perfect our systems further and further.


Our philosophy is the delivery of unique projects, investing heavily in the best technologies (INNOVATION) delivered in the most efficient and responsible fashion (SUSTAINABILITY) but never losing focus that the entire project is aimed at satisfying our clients’ needs (SATISFACTION)


ethics and Integrity in Business Dealings
Excellence in our Processes
Delivering Innovation in Sustainable Fashion, aiming at Satisfaction
To develop our team and cultivate a culture of excellence
To maintain a culture that is client-focused
Attention to detail
Focus on the end result


To be recognized as the best developer choice in the real estate market, particularly in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.


To make a positive difference in the lives of all our people.


For us here at Nanche Developers, every customer is unique.

Our commitment is to consolidate the relationship of trust established since the first contact. Therefore, it is the basic principle of our Employees to serve the customer with respect and transparency, with an emphasis on quality, productivity, as well as innovation,sustainability and satisfaction.

Our Team

Sachin Nanche

CEO | Licensed Estate Agent (OIEC)


Email:[email protected]

Sachin is the CEO | Licensed Estate Agent (OIEC) of Nanche Group. Previously working as a Regional Sales Manager, Sachin has gathered considerable experience in the Real Estate & Construction Industry. With Nanche Group, Sachin has managed to uniquely combine his Real Estate & Construction know-how with his keen design eye and passion for customer service to lead this sophisticated Residential Real Estate & Construction company.

Binju Inamdar

Operations Manager


Email: [email protected]

Binju finished his Bachelors of Law & Business Administration in 2016 from India. He then moved to Australia for Masters and has graduated from La Trobe University. His past experience and impressive qualifications match perfectly with his dynamic role in the company.

Aaron Bertalli

General Manager

Gabriel Chong

Regional Sales Manager

Seema Khichi

Senior Sales Consultant

Troy Van Trienen

Sales Director Valour Property Group.

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6/19-21,Concorde Crescent, Werribee VIC 3030, Australia

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Monday – Saturday 10.00 A.M – 5.30 P.M

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